Sunday, 11 November 2007

Outcast - South Hill Park Craft Fair - NEXT WEEKEND

Come and find us and say hello. We'll be easy to spot. Look for us at stand 40 in the Wilde theatre which will be a riot of scrumptous knits and papermache manned by crafty colourful Outcast members in beautiful floral aprons (made for us by our friend Me Make.)

Also check out fellow Outcastian Jo Quinn on stand 62.

Tell your friends!!!


alabama whirly said...

nice on knitty witty!

machi said...

just came across your blog! i've added a link on my blog :-) good luck at south hill park! i'm doing my first fair tomorrow (small one at a school).

alabama whirly said...

hi machi, can't find your blog, tell me where and we will link back x x Hope the fair was good