Thursday, 29 November 2007

knitting with cocktails

Knit night with a difference.

So we arrived at Malmaison resplendent, looking normal everyday cocktail drinkers, ordered an exotic drink and sat down in the comfy darkened lounge with other people in their frocks. Before their very eyes we whipped out our needles and clickety click the knit was on.

the newest *outcast*, Bombella, sipping something french

knitwit sipping Jimmy Hendrix whilst at the wavy edged crochet

something tropical

too many cocktails???


Skein Queen said...

Mmmm, cocktails - hope you had a Cosmopolitan for me!

machi said...

fun photos! looks like it was a successful evening!

alabama whirly said...

we missed both of you x x x

00Z said...

Oh, how I was looking forward to showing you all my new orange wool....and finding a cocktail to match it, but for once I was being a GOOD MUM and staying indoors as my favorite little creature had a temperature. I will not make the knit up at MIX either as school plays etc beckon. Ho hum, have a big one for me and few lines of plain. See you all soon I hope. x x