Thursday, 22 November 2007


knitwit has been awarded *The outstanding Development in performance - excellence award* - HURRAH!! She is currently in her final year of a Knitted Textiles Course at Winchester, already had a work placement at Tait & Style... what next for the knitty this space

Well done Knitwit!!


Skein Queen said...

Congrats to knitwit! I may have to teach her a bit of Scots. The lovely blog-blethers pointed me in the direction of this:
I love the definition for "At's pish" Hopefully, they'll be a tad more civilised than that in Orkney:)

Knitwit said...
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Knitwit said...

Thank you Skein Queen. I love the scottish dictionary. I could have done with that in Orkney. I was sharing a room with a Glaswegian. I got very confused when she asked me one morning if I'd made my 'Pieces' for work. After several minutes of her looking at me in total disbelief that I didn't have the foggiest of what she was talking about she explained that 'Pieces' are sandwiches.

iant said...

Well done Emma!
I'll buy you a celebratory pint down The Retreat later (remind me).

Ella said...

Congratulations! I'd never heard of tait and style but I had a qucik look and the stuff they do looks fantastic (though personally I like your stuff better!)