Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Outside:Inside Festival - call for submissions

The Outside:Inside Festival is a month long celebration of the arts. Music, Film, Art, Theatre and Dance are all showcased throughout the festival period amongst the festivals inside and outside spaces.
The Concept? Simple. The Outside:Inside takes the inside art institutions outside for the general public like yourself to enjoy out on the streets, and open spaces; whilst the outside festival vibe is taken inside, into the venues and into the shops, the restaurants, bars and quite possibly some pretty unusual places too, but you will have to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Performers will be descending on Reading from around the globe, with acts representing many great nations including Israel, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Canada, the USA, and even Transylvania, Romania. These top global acts will bring a wealth of differing global styles with them, interacting with the huge amount of local talent whic will be drawn to the festival.
Interaction is the key, build an art installation, stroll the art market stalls, chooe from a worldwide array of food, ponder the outside art, sing along to the bands on stage, take a moment to reflect on the poetry and spoken word, be suprised by the random improvised theatre, foot-tap to a bit of Jazz or getting down and dirty at one of our inside venues afterparties or headline shows alongside the festival profile bands, big name DJs, and organisers till the wee hours.

The Mission:
The Outside:Inside Festival is brought to you by Outside Inside LTD with the support of Reading UK CIC.
Their joint aim. To provide Reading with a new more vibrant and celebrated culture, whilst providing a voice to the wealth of artistic talent and young enterprise in the Thames Valley area.
The festival is for you. The people of Reading, the familys, the shop workers, the shop owners, the bartenders, the professional, the young, and the old. This is why we have made all outside space free. It won't cost you a penny to come along and interact.

The Art Bits:
Submissions/ proposals are invited to use the following spaces at the following times. Please send all proposals to suzanne@jelly.org.uk. All submissions must be received by 28 June 2010

31st July
Behind BSM/ Civic Office area/ Dusseldorf Way, Clomnel Walk area
12-8pm( or hours in between them)

14th August
Market Place
-Through Bristol & West Walk, outside either ends of the space
12-8 ( or hours in between them)

21st August
Forbury Gardens
-Any area really -
12-8 ( or hours in between them)

looking forward too hearing from you!

Suzanne Stallard

e suzanne@jelly.org.uk
website http://jelly.org.uk

jelly is an arts organisation in the heart of Reading. Established in 1993 as an artist led studio and exhibition facility, jelly is a registered charity limited by guarantee 1100730, running exhibitions, educational activities, special arts events with the visual arts and creative excellence being top of our agenda.

jelly’s charitable objectives are:

• To promote the development of the arts and in particular the visual arts for the benefit of the local community by providing studio space and facilities for public exhibitions and by organising events which improve public access to the arts

• To advance education by promoting understanding and learning about the creative processes involved in the visual arts