Thursday, 29 November 2007

KIPPING - where do you do it?

Us brazen Outcasters do it in public all the time - knitting that is. Kipping means 'Knitting In Public. We can be spotted kipping on trains, waiting for trains, in cafes, waiting for children to finish their dance/music/drama classes, by the pool on holiday and in pubs to name but a few. We'd like to hear where you KIP

Knitting in Mal Maison

Cocktail in one hand and knitting needles in the other

Knithappens knits poolside in Portugal

Garter stitching in Greece

1 comment:

alabama whirly said...

on the train, sadly not on a plane
waiting for the kids outside of school - but what I really need is one of those knitting sticks and then it can be everywhere