Monday, 30 March 2009

The Mystery of the Giant Pink Rabbit

A giant pink rabbit lies on a mountain at the foot of the Italian Alps. It lies there like a toy left behind by a child, with its eyes and mouth wide open in disbelief at how quickly it was replaced and forgotten. But the bunny was not discarded nor forgotten, it was made to be cherished and remembered. Its makers, the Gelitin Viennese art collective, placed it on the 5,000ft hill in 2005 after five years of intensive knitting to look as 'if knitted by giant grandmothers'. The creature is 200ft-long and was made with a soft waterproof material and stuffed with straw. It will stay on its back on the Colletto Fava mountain near the village of Artesina until 2025 hoping to be discovered, touched, climbed over, cuddled, visited by the sheep, fed by the villagers, worshipped by new acolytes, cuddled by the grass, kissed by the bees, washed by the rain, blanketed by the snow or just looked at from a plane or from Google Earth.

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Kira said...

And you can see it on Google maps - I just checked!!