Wednesday, 8 April 2009

three good things

There are many good things but here are three things that may delight you

1.Knitwit aka Emma Bradbury is in the Grand Designs magazine - she is becoming more and more famous, will she no longer be an outcast?

2. This article here about the tenacity of Italians and doing something whilst you are waiting to be rescued. Within the terrible news of loss of life, there is this wonderful story. There was much scurrying of emails between the Outcasts and one of them said I was telling the girls a few weeks ago that I'd head for jelly with my knitting bag in a time of crisis

3. Look here at something amazing


Skein Queen said...

Great post - congrats to Emma - and the miniature knitting is amazing! Must go and see Coraline.

Nicola said...

I can't manage massive knitting so admire those minature girls tons!!

Alison Friday said...

The pin cushion in a cup is such cute idea. I love it