Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Is March the month of knitting genius?

Do you think the odds are against us if we are not March babies or is it just a peculiarity that so many knitters have their birthdays in March? On Ravelry last week three of my online friends were celebrating their birthdays.

This week real knitty friends and family from the real world are celebrating their birthdays.

Firstly Ma Knitwit (photo above, front right), a knitty genius like her daughter (photo below)... knitwit also likes beer!

Then there is Bombella,(photo below) who designs and makes her own stuff and celebrates her birthday today with my mum (bottom photo, she's the one on the left!)

Happy Birthday to you all


Knitwit said...

Hee Hee - Thank you Whirly Love from me and ma knit xxxxx

Part Mummy Part Me said...


Are your Reading/Caversham nights suitable for complete beginners?

alabama whirly said...

hello part mummy part me

The Reading nights aren't classes, more a group of varying abilities from complete novices upwards so anyone is welcome : )