Tuesday, 29 January 2008

some eye candy from outcast

knitwit waiting for a beer

skeinqueens's gorgeous Calpotis

memake's bag, mmmm, orange

angharad's super slouchy gretel

knithappen's sewing up pile, sigh....


Ella said...


Skein Queen said...

Can't stop laughing - I think Calpotis sounds better than Clapotis - reminds me of the pink medicine you give to poorly children! I'm going to call it that from now on.

Love the Gretel, and the bag, and your sewing pile.

alabama whirly said...

haha, what an eee-jit I am!

*cough* actually it is called Clapotis *

(I haven't the heart to rectify, do you want me too?)

Skein Queen said...

Nope, I like Calpotis!