Thursday, 3 January 2008

missing you all

It is tough but someone has to be doing it:

So far I have been knitting by the pool but last night I missed you all ~ but I was knitting here with my mum making the Gretel beret for Bama to match her new Tank Top for School in the dirgiest regulation green colour ever - so am dreaming of being back with you all, knitting stripes, cakes, strange things although I am quite happy too miss the snow and be here sipping a cold drink by the pool ; )

see you all next Wednesday x x x
love Alabama Whirly

ps that person in the picture is not my Mum who is beautiful too, but my brother´s gorgeous girlfriend who can now knit - am not sure it was the Christmas present my brother wanted ~ girlfriend who can now knit but she is a new addict.


Knitwit said...

we miss you too Whirly. Are you back for Knit night this week?

I love your photographs :)

See you soon xxxx

alabama whirly said...

thanks knittywitty, I´ll be back this week x x x

Ella said...

Looking forward to seeing you x