Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Book Review

KNITKNIT by Sabrina Gschwandtner

There is nothing more to say than.....buy this book. Whirly and I are fans. This book requires a comfy chair, a cat on your lap (if you have one - otherwise borrow the neighbours) and a big pot of tea. All the designers and artists featured are interesting and inspiring. It is fancinating to read about them and have a sneeky peep into their studios. When you put the book down your head will be swimming with new crazy knitty ideas.

Here are some of the designers featured that I liked:
Freddie Robbins
Dave Cole He knits teddies out of lead and uses JCB's to make the ultimate knitting machine.
Lisa Anna Auerbach She knits amazing jacquard/fair isle fabric.

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alabama whirly said...

Y O U A L L N E E D T O R E A D T H I S B O O K!