Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Knit resolutions

New Year, new projects to come and a new optimism for those UFO's (Unfinished Objects languishing somewhere quietly)

Some things stay the same, we knit, we meet. It has felt such a long time since our last knit and natter (in fact it was the night at Picnic on the 17th December)

We are meeting this week at jelly from 7pm and next week there is no knit night so get the knit whilst you can

Please don't let it snow so we can all get there....


helen butler said...

Hi, your stuff looks so amazing, I can pretty much only knit little thin wonky scarves for tiny barbie dolls, so I was wondering if I could please come join you in knitting- although I shall be learning rather than knitting like such a pro! the blog said to leave a comment and you would get back to me? im on butler_helen@hotmail.com, I'd love to come knit with you!

BugsandFishes said...

My crafty new year's resolution this year is to knit proper things so hopefully I'll be able to come along to knit night for some advice and encouragement at some point! :D