Sunday, 25 January 2009

Is Yarbombing the new graffiti art?

One idle afternoon, while I was entertaining my eyes on the computer, I glanced at the various cables popping out from under the screen and from the top of the mouse. I convinced myself that they looked quite uninspiring and that maybe I should use some of my light blue yarn and knit a cable cover with my Knitting Nancy. Little did I know that I was on the verge of trespassing into the world of Yarnbombing.
According to the legend, Yarnbombing started in the US when Texas-based clothes shop owner Magda Sayeg created a website called Knitta Please.
The story goes that one day Sayeg looked at the door handle in her shop and decided to knit a cosy for it. After that the projects got bigger and started appearing in the streets of the UK just like true graffiti art. Sayeg's latest project was a double-decker bus covered in knitted patches, which took her one week to finish with the help of a small team.
So next time you look at your TV and start thinking about bespoke knitwear to cover it, remember that you are not alone and that there is a group of knitters out there who are ready to wrap the world into yarn and they are unstoppable.


alabama whirly said...

I love this, I was only thinking the same thing the other week - that my camera lead for the computer could do with a woolly jumper! Lovely post

Alison Friday said...

This is truly very cool, I'm now sat here thinking, what can I yarnbomb!
How could anyone beat the bus idea,very inspiring.

Helen said...

How funny, I was going to post on the same thing! I just love that bus!