Sunday, 28 September 2008

Thank you!

Thank you, all of you dear Outcastians

What an afternoon, the sun shone, the knittarazzi came and took some snaps, we ate cake, drank tea, knitted, enjoyed the sun and then quickly it was over..... 109 hats complete in 3 hours.

Thank you all x x x x

superstars x x x x x


Felix said...

It was super fun, thanks for organising!


wildfennel said...

i had such a great time and met more amazing people. can we do it again pleeeaaaseee?

Helen said...

Yay to 109 hats! It was a fab event - thanks for getting it all organised! It was such a lot of fun chatting and knitting and eating cake in the sun.

Skein Queen said...

It was fun - thanks for organising, lady.