Friday, 18 July 2008

The joys of freeform

When I think of a new piece to knit or crochet I look for inspiration in texture and colour. As a novice knitter I still find it hard to follow a strict pattern and, because I mostly knit or crochet jewellry or small items, I can be as bold as to improvise while I go along - no fear of jumpers with three head holes. So, I'd like to celebrate the technique of freeform, its inspiration from art, and the work of Prudence Mapstone which looks fab and reminds me of paintings by Gustav Klimt (check him out at a current Tate Liverpool exhibition)

and Austrian genius Hundertwasser.

and for all tea cosies lovers...beautiful freeform teacosies

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Knitwit said...

Nice links. You have a true designers eye :)