Wednesday, 2 July 2008


For me knitting is about escapism. Whatever else is happening, you can submerge yourself at some point in a quiet act of making something, all around could be a hullabaloo or debris from life but once those needles begin clicking and the methodical repetition begins then a calm kind of descends. A kind of yoga I guess, something at the very least that goes back to the basics.

Quietly whilst you sit there you end up with wonderful things, to keep or to share.

yellow socks by alabamawhirly, made from hand dyed custom order yarn by skeinqueen

tea cosy by knitwit

picture of knitwit by cardinal wolsey


Skein Queen said...

Great post! I need some knitting calm ATM.

Knitwit said...

here here! Lovely post. Thank you x

Tina said...

i feel the same about the escapism. but i always get funny looks. fair enough me waiting for the underground is seeing me knitting while i am standing around or walking ;) sometimes you cant sit down