Wednesday, 12 March 2008

a sedate pastime or revolutionary crafting?

We are not even going to start this debate again about where we all sit in this debate (I think we all know what category we fit under) - you can check out an earlier outcast post here

If you need any further proof that knitting is an exhilarating seat of the pants activity why not join in the forthcoming Sock Wars?

Now in it's 3rd year Sock Wars is the brainchild of Julie Gardner a 31 year old mother of 2 who after travelling Europe has returned to settle in her native Northern Ireland.

1,000 knitters took part in the first Sock Wars, making the " international sock of doom" and for Sock Wars II the pattern was called "scar" - a sock with a ridge down one side.

The players also post photos of the completed socks online, with some dramatising their "assassination" using fake blood or by lying on the floor beneath the pair they received.

If you are brave enough sign up to do battle you will be emailed a top secret assassination dossier on 9th May 2008. This file contains the details of your target and an exclusive, never-been-published-before knitting pattern with which to assassinate them.

To kill your target you must knit them the pair of socks in the pattern (your weapon) and mail it to them. Once your target receives your parcel they are dead and must post their death on the “fallen comrades” section of the sockwars site.
They must also immediately send you details of their intended target (who becomes your next person to assassinate) along with their unfinished knitting (which becomes your new weapon).
All the while this is going on, someone has been assigned you as their target…
Prepare to live in fear… Kill or be killed!

Sign up for the bloodbath at the Sock Wars home.


Kira said...

I am definitely too scared for this!!

Kira said...

The lady in the video lives about 15 miles north of where we used to live :-(

Knitwit said...

does the blog layout look strange to you?

alabama whirly said...

LOL Kira!

Our blog knitwit, what do you mean?

Skein Queen said...

I just signed up! It's all your fault if I die! But I will fight... with dignity!!! (Ooo, it's scary, she says in a wee trembly voice)

Layout does look strange - no sidebar showing up.

Kira said...

The layout is centre justified and all the side-bars are at the bottom.... Has someone been playing with the template???

alabama whirly said...

on my screen it still shows as before, posts with all the other bits down right column...what is happening here???

Knitwit said...

I'm with Kira and Skeinqueen on the layout. I tried to correct it but couldn't work it out. I'm frightened with messing with it and loosing the post :(

Well done Skeinqueen to signing up to the challenge :) Keep us posted. This is such a great idea. I'm knitting socks at the moment for college. Are there rules for machine knitting? :p

Knitwit said...

Forget above comment re.layout - I messed with the blog. Hope it's ok now.

alabama whirly said...

Ok, how weird is that, I did not see the shift, do I live in a virtual blog world?