Saturday, 13 June 2009

WWKIP Weekends

It's World Wide Knit In Public Weekend

Join us for some yarn bombing, knitting in public and eating cake from 12.30 pm on Sunday 14th June in Caversham in the park by the river near the kids playground. Maybe it won't be too wet to sit on the grass and knit some fuzzy wings for the bees, little summer skirts for the butterflies, evening cosies for the railings and fluffy scarves for the trees, and have a knitted knatter until dusk.


Alison Friday said...

I hope that you all had a good time. It poured in Stockholm, actually its rained constantly for a week;-(
looking forward to see what you created in the park, KIP project;-)

Skein Queen said...

"little summer skirts for butterflies" awww....too cute!


When we camped at Easter it was like one long knitfest - knitting outdoors or in the wild is every bit as enticing and inspiring as you've described

wildfennel said...

melarno and i had great fun at yarn bombing a lonely bench in one of the local parks - while eating cupcakes. although some tidy bee flew away with the knitting almost a week after the event. melarno says that the bench has been returned to the pigeons for their daily ablutions. u can see pics on the outcast group poll on flickr.