Tuesday, 24 June 2008

knit night and art

Well done to our brainy and talented knitters, who all got first class honours degrees.

Knit night is off course a wednesday, but this wednesday also coincides with the opening of a new exhibition at 10 Gun Street, from 6.30-9pm so maybe an early art plunge before a knit evening?

Details of the exhibiton are as below:

arjeea21 is a new contemporary art group in Reading. It provides a supportive critical forum in which artists can discuss and exhibit work that is developing in new ways or exploring current issues. Allotment is arjeea21's first exhibition.

It reflects a diverse patch of ideas and practical manifestations by artists whose work is growing and being actively cultivated.

Jean Aust, Belinda Fitzwilliams, Gill Goodwin, Elizabeth Heydeman, Ingrid Jensen, Helen Lunn, Karen Malik, Chris Mercier, Chris Quintrell, Roger Smalley, Hazel Strange, Roxana Tohaneanu-Shields and Janet Walton are showing work this time.

Informal meetings are held once a month for discussion and planning. Work either finished or in-progress, may be brought along for feedback. New members are welcome.


The exhibition will be open from 26 June - 13 July, 11am - 6pm daily.

Sponsored by Danny Fraifeld and Greg Muden of The Purple Turtle

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Knitting Hen Night

Knit night last Wednesday was at my house.
Lovely Outcasters came to try some practice wedding cake and to offer some creative advice and support for the big day (next month). All the ingredients for a perfect sophisticated hen night were there, a beautiful evening, knitting, Pimms, cake, scones and fantastic company all offering positive enthusiasm -it doesn't get better than that!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Continuing in a theme....

Knit night is tomorrow - hurrah

That is good because I have had a long long week and it is only Tuesday as I have written this

In fact there feels like there has been hardly any knit time in my house at all, and seeing as I knit whenever I can and too make me relax, that means that everything is at full tilt and there is no relaxing, so I found this movie and thought maybe that's what is needed

A metaphorical hug will do and then all is right in the world again.

Many congrats to Max, our knitting genius - in researching *knitted mortar boards* I found this article - I sped read it but found this interesting info for you *By the mid-fifteenth century Masters of Arts had a kind of knitted skull-cap, the caleptra.(30) In 1529 a pileus was allowed a candidate supplicating for the degree of Master of Arts* mmmmm, interesting!

see you at the workshops

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Knitting with Dolly and the Clothes Pegs

Knit night is on as usual from 7pm at the jelly workshop tomorrow but with the added bonus of Sarah, an outcast knitter performing with the rest of the band in the 3b's bar! wooty wooty, yeh -ha

If you have never heard them, you can hear a sneaky peek right here. Go on click, you know you want to.

Described by themselves as *Ramshakle clog stompin red neck music*

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Poetry Please

This weekend has been so busy that I hardly got any knitting done - apart from trying to make a sock to match a lonely one.

But the bit of time I found for myself also coincided with Poetry Please.

Check it out to hear these featured poems:
How to Knit a Poem by Gwyneth Lewis
Not yet published

Memorial Sweater by Gwyneth Lewis
Not yet published

Knitting Needles by Roger McGough
Not Yet Published

Nana’s Knitting Needles by Roger McGough
Not Yet Published