Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Song of the Knitters

When I was at the 'In the Loop' conference in Winchester last month, Rachael Matthewshanded out song sheets. The exact date of the song is unknow but I'm guessing it dates back to the 'Knitters of Dent' era. This song would ideal to help keep you cheerful if you were knitting a plain jumper in black yarn.

It goes like this to a tune similar to 'Three Blind Mice'

We're a busy and joyous band
Terrible knitters of Westmorland
And many's the stocking we send away
To Kendal town up on market day
Week in, week out
You may see us sittin'
In t'ingle nook a doin' our knittin'
In t'ingle nook a doin' our knittin'
A do in' our knittin'


Knit Knit Knit!
By Morin', by noon and bu night
Knit Knit Knit!
So lang as there's owt of a light
When ever you're sorry
When ever you're sick
There's nowt that cheers like t'needles click,
So knit knit knit!

T'men may snuff or drink or smoke,
But thats not 'way with Women folk
To pass the time or to soothe her grief
She takes up her own lile knittin' sheaf
And hours on end
You may see her sittin'
Just doin' nowt but knittin'
Just doin' nowt but knittin an knittin'
Just nowt but knittin'

By WT Mc Intire and George Rathbone

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alabama whirly said...

I think you'll need too lead this one! Have you found the counting one as well?