Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Knitting, cake and beer?

Last week I think I was a little optimistic regarding the sunshine, but at least we all enjoyed a quick drink en plein air before retiring to the sanctuary of the workshop area.

This week we are probably having a visit from the knithappens in Newbury group. so I am planning to make some cake. Not the cake in this picture as all the cake gets eaten. In our house we have decided it is cake week, just because we can, so every day a new cake is made.

Cakes aside, I think it will be a busy night - Teresa V-B needs help with her environmental display piece, Knitwit and Trudie are being interviewed by a journalist and CraftyYarnGirl might be bringing some sale yarn she has got and Skein Queen has a competition to celebrate her one year anniversary.... check out the blogpost

And one final note, to bring the tone down, I found out something new about SEX today - it is an acronym for Stash Enhancement experience = buying yarn according to The Ravelry Knitting Lingo.... but if your partner says any chance of a quickie and a wink I doubt if a yarn spending spree is what they had in mind ; )


Skein Queen said...

Hee, hee. Like the acronym.

Looking forward to tomorrow... just dyeing up the thick creamy custard for Maverick and best image I could find is one of a massive doughnut filled with custard! Mmmmm!

alabama whirly said...

mmmmm, creamy custard - I like it, bring on the cake!!

the acronym makes me giggle too.....

Emma said...

knitting, cake and beer - what a heavenly combination!