Monday, 21 April 2008

Clothkits is back and looking mighty fine!

has been rebanded. Originally from the 1970's, Clothkits provide a pre-printed, fully instructed and fully equiped 'kit' and all you have to do is sew it together. Cheating - maybe but super awesome prints and cute stuff for kids. I'm in!

Rob Ryan (see previous Outcast posts) designs an adult skirt for Clothkits.

ALSO - they are running a competition to design a Clothkit dress. See here for more info.


alabama whirly said...

I like that, cheating maybe..... but hey we could do with all the help we can get!

Kira said...

For some reason I remember clothkits, but maybe for the stuffed animal patterns - I think that there is a clothkits cat somewhere at Mum's house. I love the dresses and the Rob Ryan skirt....