Tuesday, 4 December 2007

10 Reasons to Love Denise Interchangeable Needles

Denise Interchangeable Needles are a set of needle tips, lengths of cord, connectors and end buttons that can connect to make circular or flexible straight needles.

  1. Save money
    If, like me, you don’t already own every combination of straight and circular needles then buying this kit can save you a significant amount of money. It contains 10 different size needle tips (3.75-10mm) and circular lengths from 17” to 58”. The cords can also be used as stitch holders –clever!
  2. Be safe
    Apparently these are airline safe –though I haven’t tested this theory! I can say that as they made from plastic I do feel incredibly safe knitting with my one year old daughter on my lap.
  3. Be organised
    I get a sense of satisfaction from how everything fits neatly into a tidy little case.
  4. Knit anywhere
    Kipping (knitting in public) is good –but not so good when you’re constantly prodding the person sat next to you with the end of your needle. With Denise straight needles are flexible and so they don’t prod. You can also use them in armchairs without being space restricted.
  5. Feel good
    They’re plastic but they don’t feel cheap. I find them very comfortable to knit with.
  6. Knit quietly
    They don’t click. You might miss this but your non-knitting companions probably won’t.
  7. Look sophisticated
    These needles make me feel like I’m some sort of expert with a toolbox of specialist equipment. Some may think geeky, but I think sophisticated.

  8. Bend your project
    Another plus point of the flexibility is that you can fit your projects in small bags without scary-looking needles poking out the top.
  9. Loose weight
    The needles are incredibly light. Also the weight of the project is not balanced on the end of a rigid straight needle –as the project grows the weight of it simply falls onto your lap and keeps you warm.
  10. They come in pink!
    The pink set costs a little extra but that extra amount goes to Breast Cancer Research –perfect!


alabama whirly said...

*cough cough*
I hope my husband is reading this - no noise, no stabbing in your arm darling....perfect ; )

alabama whirly said...

look the woolly workshop sells them!

Knitwit said...

I want some!

Skein Queen said...

On my Christmas list.